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Welcome to the Chapel In The Cove!


Please join us this Sunday at 10:00 am


This information contains the spirit of our congregation as gathered around the Word and Sacrament in a covenant relationship with its people. Its soul is its ministries. We are known as a small, committed congregation of people who love the Lord, as well as loving each other in our outreach to the world. Since one size does not fit all, we encourage you to visit us, or at the end of the month following our worship service, join us for a fellowship meal at our civic center. We are a diverse group, an interdenominational gathering, representing the full spectum of denominations.

We offer a refuge-a place of worship should you desire to relocate to our area or are in the vicinity. When you visit our fellowship you will discover a caring congregation that will honor and welcome you, as well as preaching/teaching that is centered on the truth of the Word of God. Our ministries are tailored to the talents of our people to meet the spiritual needs of all ages.

In His Care,

Pastor Doug Groen


End Of Month Fellowship Lunch

Please join us for our end of month luncheon 24 June 2018 at the Cypress Cove Civic Center. 

Urgent - Greeter Sign Up

We need Sunday morning greeters.  Please signup on the signup sheet located in the kitchen.  This is a really good way to meet everyone!

Flower Sign Up

Please sign up,if you would like to honor someone or celebrate a special event with flowers on the altar. The new signup sheet for the remainder of this year is located on the bulletin board in the kitchen.  Better hurry before your special date is taken.

  June 2018  
Upcoming Events


End of the Month Luncheon
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Please join us for our monthly lunch get together on the 24th. Come for some fellowship!


1st Sunday Communion.
10:00 AM
We have an open table all are welcome to participate
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