If you have a special occasion or family member that you would like to honor with flowers, please sign up on the flower calendar.  It is located in the kitchen.

We are filling out our Sunday morning greeters calendar for 2019.  A sign-up sheet is posted on the Chapel bulletin board in the kitchen if you would like to volunteer for a month. This a good way to meet everyone on Sunday morning.  

Worship Committees
Director: Diane Birkner
 Name Members     Duties
Acolyte All Children               Roy Telano Ensure there is someone to light the altar candles at beginning of service and snuffing them out at the  end.


Diane Birkner

Ensure the altar is set up correctly with the correct parament for the season, add communion cloths on communion Sundays and replace altar candles when necessary.
Attendance Robin Telano Take weekly attendance listing members, visitors, number of adults and children.

Mike Holt

Donna Norris


Provides audio service for the pastor and song leader, monitor and adjust equipment during the service as needed and record the service.

Shirley Bland     

Diane Birkner

Coordinate content with the pastor and publish the bulletin weekly for each service.
Civic Center

Bev Binford    

Reserve the necessary dates with the Cove for use by the Chapel.
Communion                      Gale Mopps  Purchase materials for communion, set up communion trays, appoint communion servers and dispose of used materials. 
Flowers Alice Stockton
Post sign up calendar for altar flowers and ensure there are flowers present.
Greeters Diane Birkner Appoint greeters for each service to greet, hand out programs, identify visitors, hand out visitor cards and inform the song leader of the visitors for recognition.
Monthly Luncheons Bev Binford Coordinates menus, set up and clean up for monthly luncheon. Solicits volunteers to assist with serving & clean up.  
Music Laverne Wiginton Play the accompanying music during the worship service. Coordinate and plan the use of other individuals to assist in playing the music for each service. 
Ushers Roy Stockton Appoint ushers for every service to collect offering.
Website & Media

  Donna Norris

Maintain the website and media equipment. Assist with training & use.
Weddings & Special Events  Beverly Binford Coordinate dates, availablity of the chapel and review event requirements.
Song Leader

 Diane Binford   
Shirley Bland

Jerry Price

Welcomes the congregation, makes announcements and leads the congregation in songs.
                       Revised    06/18/2020