Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost (Oct 28th)

Pastor's Summary of Mark 10:46-52

Jesus and his disciples are now nearing the end of their journey from Caesarea Philippi to Jerusalem: "Jericho" is some 15 miles from Jerusalem. We have seen the disciples' misunderstanding and blindness to Jesus' message. Mark has told us of the healing of an unnamed blind man (8:22-26), one who is healed gradually.

Here Mark tells us the name of this "blind beggar". Bartimaeus makes a politically charged statement: Jesus i "Son of David" (v. 47), King of the3 Jews, and Messiah. Elsewhere, Jesus orders silence on the matter, but not here: his time is approaching. For the first time, a sane person immediately prclaims Jesus' true identity. The "cloak" Bartimaeus throws off is probably the cloth he used to receive handouts: in Mark, garments often indicates the old order, so Bartimaeus has accepted the new. Jesus' question in v. 51 is the one he asked James and John when they sought status in the kingdom (10:36), but Bartimaeus' approach is different: he comes in humility ("My teacher", v. 51. Jesus simply tells him that his "faith", (v. 52 , his receptivity of God's healing word), "has made you well" (also meaning has saved you from impending destruction). Bartimaeus is cured immediately and becomes a follower of Jesus ("in the way").