Twenty-sixth after Pentecost (Nov 18th)

Pastor's Summary of Mark 13:1-8

Jesus has indicated to his disciples that the poor widow who gave all that she has is a good example of discipleship. We are nearing the end of his instructions to them.

In vv. 1-2, Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple, as the prophets Micah and Jeremiah had done earlier. (His words were later used against him.) Did he mean it literally or figuratively? We don't know. (Both the Temple and the religious system were destroyed in 70 AD.) Then he and his first four disciples visit the Mount of Olives-a place mentioned in Zechariah 14:4 as being connected with events at the end of the era. They ask him: when will the Temple be destroyed? How will we know that the end of the era is near? Jesus gives them three indicators: (1) false claimants to being God's agent of renewal will appear, claiming "I am he!" (v. 6); (2) international political conflicts (v. 8a) will occur, as well (3) natural disasters. There will be other signs too (vv. 4-25). The figure of a woman in labor is also used in Jeremiah, Hosea, and Micah.