Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost (Oct 16th)

Pastor's Summary of Luke 18:1-8

Some Pharisees hve asked Jesus when the kingdom of God will come; he has answered: it is already "among you" (17:21). Using examples from the Old Testament, he has warned his disciples that its full coming will be sudden and unexpected; many people will miss it, being preoccupied with worldly affairs.

In Jewish society, a "widow" (v. 3) had no legal status; she was powerless. The story tells us twice that the judge is a rogue: he neither respects God nor cares about other people (vv. 2, 4). So why would Jesus tell an absurd story? Because such stories are easily remembered and are likely to be retold.

Jesus uses this incongruous story to teach the disciples a lesson. If even this rogue listens to a petition (eventually), how much more so will God, loving as he is, hear and answer the prayers of the faithful, those whom he has "chosen" (v. 7), by again sending Christ, to judge.  He will grant them justice soon after he comes ("quickly", v. 8); however, they cannot know when he will come.  So do not "lose heart" *(v. 1) and persist "day and night" (v. 7) in prayer, seeking the completion of the coming of the Kingdom. But, Jesus wonders, will any still be faithful then, or will they all be preoccupied by other matters?