Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost (Oct 9th)

Pastor's Summary of Psalm 66

"All the earth" (not only Isreal) is invited to join in praising God, seen as powerful in his "deeds" (v. 3). Throughout the Exodus, from crossing the Red Seas to passing through the Jordan "on foot" (v. 6)-indeed throughout history- he has done great things "among mortals" (v. 5). His rule is world-wide, over all "the nations" (v. 7)-so may those who consider rebellion think again!

Vv. 8-12 are a communal thanksgiving. God preserves us in life (v. 9a); he protects us. In past difficulties he has "tested us" (v. 10), purifying us as "silver" ore is changed to pure silver. Israel has been subjugated by other people; (perhaps during the Exile). yet after enduring every kind of difficulty (""through fire and...water", v. 12), God has brought her to freedom again. In vv. 13-20, an individual (perhaps the king) vows to offer sacrifice in the Temple in thanks. He invites the community to hear "what [God]...has done for me" (v. 16). He was repentant so God listened to him (v. 19) and has heeded his requests made in prayer. "Blessed be God" (v. 20) for hearing and for his covenant ("steadfast") love.