Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Nov 6th)

Pastor's Summary of Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21

This is a hymn summarizing the characteristics of God. It is in acrostic form, making it easy to memorize: each verse in Hebrew begins with a successive letter of the alphabet.  Vv. 1-3 are the psalmist's personal expression of praise. In v. 4, he expands to speaking of descendants, of passing on knowlege and experience of God. God is known for his "wondrous works" (v. 5). In vv. 8-20, he expands still further, to "all people" (v. 12). Vv. 8-9 mention his love, vv. 10-13a his kingship over all, vv. 14-20 of his care of all in need. Responsiveness to his call brings protection (v. 20a) but those who oppose his ways will be destroyed. Finally, v. 21 combines the personal commitment to God with that of  "all flesh".