Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Nov 26th)

Matthew 25:31-46 (Christ the King)

Vv. 14-30 are the Parable of the Talents. Jesus has used it to stress the importance of fidelity to him and his mission while he is away. Here Jesus tells us the kind of conduct, of morality, towards others expected of the faithful-and the consequences of not caring for others. Sheep and goats behave differently but in Palestine they were fed together. At the end of the era, when Christ comes again, he will act for the Father ("sit on...[his] throne", v. 31). He will separate the "sheep" (v. 32) from the "goats", assigning the former to a place of honor ("at his right hand", v. 33) and the latter to dishonour. He, as "king" (v. 34) will invite the godly (or faithful), those whom the Father has preordained for this, to live with him ("the kingdom"), a state that existed before creation ("from the foundation of the world"). Why? Because the godly have fulfilled God's expectation: in reaching out to the disadvantaged they have, in fact, been reaching out to him ( v. 40_. We are all part of his family. But the "goats", those who have ignored the needy, will be permanently separated from God, be unhappy, and be punished, for they have failed to see Christ in people.The "righteous" (v. 46) are the faithful, the godly, those who understand that to serve humanity is to serve Christ-and do so.