Trinity Sunday (June 11th)

Pastor's Summary of Matthew 28:16-20

After his resurrection, Jesus has told Mary Magadalene and the "other Mary" (v. 1) to "tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me" (v. 10). Now Jesus appears to "the eleven" (v. 16, less Judas) on "the mountain" where he was transfigured. Some worship (v. 17) him, but others doubt. He has received "all authority" (v. 18) from the Father, so he now sends out his followers to "all nations" (v. 19 not just Israel) to: (1) baptize in the possession and protection ("name") of the Trinity, and (2) to carry on his teaching ministry. To help in this daunting task, he is, and will be, with them until the Kingdom of God comes fully.