Third Sunday of Easter (Apr 30th)

Pastor's Summary of Acts 2:14a, 36-41

Peter now comes to the conclusion of his speech to the Jerusalem crowd, in which he interprets the event they have just witnessed: the coming of the Holy Spirit. In vv. 16-21, he has shown (from the book of Joel) that the end times, and therefore salvation, are at hand. He shows how we have access to salvation: it is through Jesus, whom God has made "both Lord and Messiah" (v. 36). It is imperative that those who hear may receive new life in Christ.]

Peter's words about the crowd's responsibility for Jesus' death stuns his hearers: "they were cut to the heart" (v. 37), but rather than being turned off, they ask "what should we do?". In spite of the dark deed of their past, he urges them to undergo a radical change of heart ("Repent, v. 38) to serving the living God, to be " the name of Jesus". then their sins will be forgiven and they will receive the Holy spirit (as promised by God through Joel), a promise open to "everyone" (v. 39) whom God calls and who call upon God. "Save yourselves from this corrupt generation" is like Joel's call. Many, about three thousand, respond and are baptized; they are added to the 120 believers for whom salvation has already begun; they are saved from the sin of rejecting the Messiah. They devote themselves to learning from the apostles, to fellowship, participating in the Eucharist, and prayer.