Third Sunday of Advent

Pastor's comments on Matthew 11:2-11

John the Baptist has been arrested and imprisoned. Discouraged and in doubt, he sends messengers to ask Jesus: "Are you the one...? But Jesus does not simply say yes. Instead, he points John to the signs of the Kingdom in verse 5. Echoing Isaiah, he points out that the blind, the deaf, the lame and the lepers are being healed and good news is given to the poor. anyone can cliam to be a herald of the kingdom, but only in the presence of the Messiah will the true signs of the Kingdom be evident.

Perhaps even John himself has been disappointed because his expectations of the Messiah do not seem to be fulfilled by Jesus, e.g. he does not "wear soft robes" (v. 8). Perhpas this has given rise to doubtys. Jesus refers to the signs of the Kingdom in Isaiah. When we are disappointed, or our expectations of God;s Kingdom are dashed, perhaps it is becasue we are not looking for the signs of the Kingdom that are all around us.