Third Sunday after Pentecost (Jun 10th)

Pastor's Summary of I Sanuel 8:4-11, 16-20

Samuel has ruled Israel, under God, for many years. Now an old man, he has handed power on to his sons, but they are corrupt and pervert justice. Now the leaders of Israel meet with Samuel (8:6): to them, the time has come to be ruled bny a king, as other nations are. This displeases Samuel. He seeks God's counsel, in prayer. God advises him to grant the people their wish. Samuel is to see it as their rejection of God, rather than of him as leader. This is not new: since leaving Egypt, they have worshipped "other gods" (8:8. Samuel is to warn them of the consequences of being ruled by an earthly king: their sons will be enlisted in the army, while some will farm the king's lands, others will make armaments; women will work for him; he will take the best of their produce and animals for his courtiers; their slaves will become his; they will be taxed, and will become his slaves. You won't be happy, but God won't help you! (8:18 The people are determined to have a king (8:19).

In Chapters 9 and 10, Samuel, as God's agent, anoints Saul as king, and the people choose Saul by lottery. In 11:14-15, the people confirm Saul as king.