Third Sunday after Pentecost (30 JUN)

The Pastor's Summary of I Kings 19:1-15

In Isreal, the northern kingdom, many people have strayed from worshipping God, partly because Queen Jezebel has promoted the Canaanite religion. Elijah has predicted a three-year drought. God has guided him to take refuge with a widow at Zarephath; they have miraculously had enough to eat. Bringing rain to the land has been a contest between the powers of God and of Baal, the Canaanite god of rain. On Mount Carmel Elijah has challenged the prophets of Baal with the people watching. Each party has offered a sacrifice to be burnt and have agreed that the fire to ignite the wood will come from their respective gods. The prophets of Baal have tried most of the day, but have failed; God has heard eljah; he has sent fire. All has been consumed, even the altar. Elijah has ordered the prophets seized, and has killed them. Teh drought is over as rain clouds appear over the sea. God's superiority  has been shown, but are the people convinced?