The Resurrection of Our Lord (April 1st)

Pastor's Summary of Mark 16:1-8

On Saturday after sundown, "when the sabbath was over", Mary Magdalene (witness to Jesus' death and burial) and others buy spices to anoint Jesus' body (Because Jesus died only hours before the Sabbath, there was no time to anoint it before he was buried. Buying spices on the Sabbath was permitted, but not aromatic oils and salves used for burial  preparation.) 

Early on Sunday morning ("the first day of the week", v. 2), they go to the tomb, wondering who will roll away the heavy disk-shaped "stone" (v. 3) forming its door. (A tomb  was cut out of the rock, and the stone ran in a track.) But they find the tomb open (v. 4) and realize what the empty tomb means: "He has been raised"  (v. 6).

The "young man, dressed in a white robe" (v. 5) is a heavenly messenger; he probably sits on a shelf intended for a body. It is the faithful women who first hear the Easter message. In v. 7, the angel tells them to inform the disciples that he "is going ahead of" them, will appear to them in Galilee, just as he told them during his earthly ministry. The women flee, seized with :terror and amazement" (v. 8), overcome with awe.