March 2019   
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Tenth Sunday after Pentecost (July 24th)

Pastor's Summary of Luke 11:1-13

Then and now, a religious community has a distinctive way of praying; ours is exemplified by the Lord's Prayer. In 5:33, Pharisees and scribes have noted that followers of John the Baptist "frequently fast and pray"; now Christians have their own prayer. Luke's version of the Lord's Prayer is shorter than Matthew's (which we use). We approach God in a personal way, as "father" (v. 2). His "name" is more than just a name: we pray that all may give respect due to him, so all may see his love. "Your kingdom come" looks forward to the Kingdom, where all barriers-of wealth, sex and ritual cleanness-will no longer exist. Of the five petitions, the last two seek filling of our needs. "Bread" (v. 3) is what we need to live; it is God's gift to us. We share it with all, especially in the Lord's Supper. "Daily" here means day after day. The "time of trial" (v. 4) is the final onslaught of evil forces, before Christ comes again; it is also the temptations which assail us day-by-day. In vv. 5ff, Jesus tells two stories: even one who is asleep with his family responds "because of...persistence" to a neighbor in need; a parent provides for a child. Even these people, separated from God, respond to the needs of others. How much more so will God respond to our prayers for help, through the Holy Spirit.