Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

Pastor'sSummary of Luke 6:17-26

Jesus has ascended a mountain to pray. While there, he has chosen twelve of the disciples, his followers, to be apostles. Now he descends part-way, to a "level place". There he finds other followers and many others, from Israel and beyond-Tyre and Sidon. Many are healed, both of known "diseases" and of being possessed. Evil "Spirits" made the ritually "unclean" so they wre not permitted to share in corporate worship of God.

Luke tells us of four beatitudes (vv. 20-22) and corresponding woes or warnings of deprivation in the age to come. Some are "bl((essed" happy by being included in the Kingdom Jesus brings. The warnings are prophecies, cautions. The pairs are: (1) the poor (v. 20) and the rich (v. 24; (2) the hungry (v. 21a) and the full (v. 25a); (3) the sorrowful (v. 21b) and the joyous (v. 25b); and (4) the prsecuted (v. 22) and the popular (v. 26).