April 2019   
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Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Sep 4th)

Pastor's Summary of Luke 14:25-33

In vv. 13-24, Jesus has told the " crowds" that even outsiders, the poor and the disabled are called to God's kingdom.  Now he tells what is required to become a follower.  The word "hate" (v. 26) is surprising, until we recall that exaggeration was a common linguistic trait in Hebrew, as Jesus does here: "hate means love less, be less attached to. The disciples must find his prime security in Jesus, not in his or her family, nor in preserving one's "life". One must be prepared  to suffer, as Jesus did on the "cross" (v. 27). In vv. 28-32, Jesus uses two examples to advise full realization of the cost of being a follower, before enlisting. You must be so dedicated to the cause that you are willing to forfeit all that you have.  Then vv. 34-35: don't allow your allegiance to Christ to deteriorate and so become ineffectual. If you do, God will throw you away as useless!  If you are prepared for the challenge, grasp it!