Seventeenth Sunday afte4r Pentecost (Sep 16th)

The Pastor's Summary of Mark 8:27-38

Jesus travels north from the Sea of Galilee to the villages around Caesarea Philippi, a prominent pagan town. He asks: who does popular opinion say I am? There are various opinions, but the Messiah is not one of them. Now he asks the disciples, "who do you say....I am?  Peter's answer, for the disciples, is pious, but misleading and incomplete. Jews expected the Messiah to come in power; to free them from Roman domination, but they did not expect the Messiah to suffer. This is the first prediction of Jesus' Passion. Jesus must suffer, for it is in God's plan. Jesus' mission is now stqated completely, so he speaks about it openly.  He rebukes Peter for his shallowness, seeing his reply as inspired by the devil, as not being godly.