Second Sunday after Christmas 1-6-2019

Pastor's Summary of Luke 2:41-52

The First Sunday After Christmas is traditionally associated with the childhood and family of Jesus. The Lucan account of the boy Jesus with his parents in Jerusalem at the time of Passover sets that theme.  The reading from I Samuel 2 is the story of another precocious boy, Samuel, and it includes the lines quoted in the Gospel,. 

Jesus is now twelve years old; in another year, he will officially become a man (now celebrated by Jews in the bar mitzvah). After the eight days of the festival, the groups begins the journey back to Nazareth. Joseph and Mary find Jesus in the outer court of the Temple "among the teachers", experts in Jewish law. Respectful of the law, he not only listens and asks question, but also answers their questions.

V. 49 marks a turning point in the gospel: these are the first words of Jesus we have; for the first time Jesus' father is named as the Father-until now, Joseph has been called his father. Note "must"; the relationship between Jesus and the Father requires obedience. Parents do reach the point when they do not understand their children; here Mary and Joseph do not comprehend that his relationship with God takes precedence over being their child. Upon return to Nazareth, he obeys his parents in everyday life. In spite of not understanding, Mary "treasured" what Jesus says-as his mother and also as the model believer. Jesus continues to grow physically and in understanding, preparing himself for the mission that lies ahead of him.