March 2019   
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Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Sep 25th)

Pastor's Summary of I Tmothy 6:6-19

Our passage is the concluding section of the book.  In vv. 3-5, the author has again warned against those who teach other than the body of faith passed down from Jesus and the apostles. He has charged these teachers with monetary gain for teaching falsehoods. Now, writing in Paul's name, he counters that there is "great [spiritual] gain" v. 6 in teaching the truth; those who do so are content with enough to pay for necessities (:food and clothing", v. 8). But false teachers "who want to be rich" (v. 9) succumb to "senseless and harmful desires", and lead people astray from godliness.  The true church leader is very different.

Now he addresses Timothy, a "man of God" (v. 11), spiritual leader of the Church. He sees Christian life as a "fight" (v. 12). Timothy "made the good confession" that Jesus is Lord at his baptism; Jesus made his "confession" (v. 13) of fidelity in his conduct when facing death. Timothy is to keep "the commandment" (v. 14, Christ's orders) until he returns at the end of the era. "at the right time" (v. 15), i.e. when God chooses. "Immortality" (v. 16) is an attribute of God.  We cannot see him, but Jesus can and will reveal him. The author now speaks to affluent members of the community (v. 17). They should not set store in money, but rather in God, for it is God's gift. It is to be used in a godly way, for "good works" (v. 18) and sharing with the needy, for through such generosity they will attain eternal life, "life that really is life" (v. 19).