Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Aug 26th)

Pastor's Summary of Ephesians 6:10-20

The author now concludes his letter. Earlier, he has prayed that his readers may come to know the power of God operative in the resurrection of Christ to heaven and in his victory over the forces of evil. The Church participates in that victory; its members know something of this power in their conversion: a rsurrection from a fatalism that viewed the world as continually declining towards evil.

Now the author tells them that they must learn to rely on that power: they are to equip themselves with "armor" provided by God, as they oppose not people but the malevolent forces which control them.  The metaphor of the soldier is from Isaiah; here he is girded with truth and integrity, righteousness. His shoes give him firmer footing for proclaiming the gospel of peace. His faith will protect him against attack from the devil. He accepts salvation. He has one offensive weapon, given to him by the Spirit, "the word of God". Persistent prayer, prompted by the Spirit, is his aid in interceding for fellow Christians.