First Sunday of Advent (Nov 27th)

Pastor's Summary of Matthew 24:36-44

Speaking to his followers, Jesus has foretold the destruction of the Temple; he has told them the signs of the coming of the end times (in terms used in contemporary literature.) In the suffering and trials which will precede the End, society will break down, "many will fall away" (v. 10, from the faith) but "one who endures to the end will be saved" (v. 13. After these events, the "Son of Man" (vv. 27,30) will come "with power and great glory".  This will mark the beginning of a new era, a new way of being. Followers should discern signs of the second coming of Christ (vv. 32-35).

But (v. 36), we do not know precisely when that coming will be, and neither does Jesus. The situation will be like that before the Flood: people were preoccupied with earthly matters (v. 38). When the Flood came, a small number "entered the ark" and were saved, but many drowned. The dawn of the new era will also be like this; Jesus gives two examples: of men (v. 40) and of women (v. 41). Some will be "taken" to be with Christ (becasue they are prepared) but others will be "left". V. 43 is an other example, "Keep awake" (v. 42) to the will of God: be ready for Christ's second coming!