First Sunday After Christmas (Jan 1st)

Pastor's Summary of Psalm 148

The great songbook of the Bible is  The Psalms. This particular psalm, number 148, is a cosmic hymn of praise to God Almighty. Everything in creation, all that God has created,--animate, inanimate, celestial, terrestrial, divine, human, animal, vegetable, mineral, meterological--all are summoned in the psalm's  introduction and conclusion to "praise the Lord!" In vv. 1-6, the focus of praise shifts from the heavenly realm to the earthly realm in vv. 7-10).  This is where all in the sea and "all deeps," are called upon to praise the Lord. Flowers, the grasslands, the stars and planets in the heavens are likewise summoned to praise God. The focus of praise narrows for the conclusion of this hymn in vv. 11-14. All social powers--kings, princes, rulers, old men and young children, young men and young women are exhorted to praise "the name of the Lord" (v. 13) No aspect of life is beyond God's purview. God's glory is everywhere. We come with our hopes and dreams for 2017, and all that we possess over to God for His glory. May you and yours have a Blessed New Year!