Fifth Sunday of Easter (May 14th)

Pastor's Summary of John 14:1-14

Judas Iscariot has left to do his dastardly deed. Jesus now prepares his discples for his departure. Belief in God includes belief in him. He is going, through resurrection and ascension, to the father, to prepare a place of permanent fellowship for them.  He will return to take them there, a place where there is ample room. Thomas is logical, and bewildered. Jesus is themaroad map, "the way"; he is ultimate "truth" and the source of "life" itself. Access to God is only through him. Being both God and human, to know him is to know the Father. Knowing him, they are already getting to know the Father and "have seen him" in Jesus.

Philip shows by his question in v. 8 that he still does not understand ("know") Jesus, for Jesus is the revelation of God. The Son is present ("dwells"), v. 10) in the Father, and the Father in the Son.  Father and Son are one and the same. A master entrusted his agent to act on his behalf in every way. Jesus is the Father's aganet, empowered to act completely for the Father. Jesus says, in essence, if you do not buy this mutual presence, then trust in me on the basis of what i do: you are seeing the Father's works including miracles.

The faithful will continue these works. (The ones they do will be "greater", v. 12, because Jesus has nullified sin.) By asking Jesus in prayer ("in my name", v. 14), God will do whatever the faithful ask.