Fifth Sunday in Lent (Apr 7th))

Pastor's Summary of John 12:1-8

Jesus has raised Martha's and Mary's brother: "Lazarus", "from the dead", because Martha trusts that Jesus is the Messiah. Many people are making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Passover. The religious authoirities aware that Jesus has perfomred "many signss", and afraid that the Romans will destroy the Temple and the nation because of him, ask that anyone knowing where he is tell them so they can arrest him.

Now Jesus returns to Bethany, on the Mount of Olives, a mere two miles east of Jerusalem. ""Perfume made of pure nard" ws derived from the roots of a plant grown in the Himalayas. If the guests were reclining on couches, Jesus' feet would be accessible for anointing, but a respectable Jewish woman would hardly appear in public with her hair  unbound. Judas' reaction points forward to Jesus' arrest. "Three hundred denarii" was close to a year's wages for a laborer. Anointing was the llast step before burial, but not for executed criminals.  Perhaps Jesus means that Mary brought the perfume so as to have it ready for his burial, that what she did has a meaing she does not realize, and that the perfume is not wasted. Perhaps v. 8 says: the poor are constantlyin need, but Jesus' impending death is unique. There is a place for spontaneous love of Jesus.