Christ the King (Nov 25th)

Pastor's Summary of John 18:33-37

This is part ofr John's account of Jesus' trial before Pilate. Pilate has met with those Jews seeking his death outside his headquarters, the praetorium. He has asked: what charge, valid in Roman law, do you have to bring against him? (v. 29). V.30 shows that they have none to propose. Pilate refuses to get involved by telling them to try him under Jewish law. They then make it obvious that they seek Jesus' death.

Now Pilate goes inside the praetorium  and asks Jesus: Are you the leader of a revolutionary movement? In return Jesus asks him: is this question your idea, based on what you have heard, or did others put you up to it? Is Pilate shows his scorn for Jews; the religious authorities seek your death, but what grounds are there for killing you? In v. 36, Jesus begins to explain the natural of his kingship. Were he a rebel leader, his followers "would be fighting to keep me from being handed over" to the religious authorities, but he is no threat to Pilate's authority. Pilate picks up on Jesus words "my kingdom". Jesus is king of "truth". v. 37. His subjects are those who belong to the truth. He was born and came into the world to estalish the kingdom of God, the ultimte truth.